Protect Your Outdoor Oasis: Essential Care + Maintenance For Your Outdoor Furniture

Our handcrafted collections are inspired by — and built to withstand — the harsh climates that Australians call home. With a bit of care, they’re made to last for years to come. Teak is the star of many of our collections, bringing enduring beauty and elegance to your outdoor oasis. To ensure your investment stays as beautiful as the day it was delivered, we're sharing our favorite care and maintenance tips. Discover how to protect your handcrafted pieces with weather covers, teak cleaners and our expert recommendations.

Maintaining Teak

Maintaining your teak furniture is surprisingly easy, allowing you to choose the level of care according to your preferences. If you prefer the dignified silver-gray patina that naturally develops over time, minimal maintenance is required. However, if you wish to retain the golden honey color, we provide simple care instructions involving annual cleaning and the use of specially formulated teak cleaners.

Harbour Teak Cleaner

Our environmentally friendly Harbour Teak Cleaner is the perfect solution for cleaning and brightening weathered teak, bringing back its natural hue. To keep your furniture surfaces fresh and vibrant, we recommend using this specialized cleaner at the beginning and end of each season. Dirt, mold, and mildew are effectively removed, ensuring your furniture continues to shine. 

Weather Covers

 To safeguard your outdoor furniture from the elements, we recommend utilizing our custom-fit outdoor covers. These weather covers offer optimal protection against rain, humidity, UV rays and other environmental factors that can impact the longevity and appearance of your furniture. Keep your outdoor oasis in pristine condition by shielding it from the elements when not in use.

Care & Maintenance Tips

We recommend you periodically hose with water and Harbour Teak Cleaner, scrubbing in the directions of the grain, and always clean before storing. If your furniture is in a saltwater environment, rinse weekly to remove all salt deposits. Avoid letting water stand on the surface of furniture and cushions. Exposure to moisture over time can raise the wood grain, so a light sanding with fine 120-grit sandpaper will smooth the surface. As with all of our products, we recommend using our custom furniture covers when not in use. 

You’ve taken the time to configure your outdoor oasis with great care and style. With these care and maintenance tips, you can continue to preserve the natural beauty of your furniture for seasons to come.