Since 1976, Harbour has been synonymous with luxury outdoor furniture. Born in Australia and now distributed around the world, we’re a global leader in luxury outdoor design. We invite you to share in this legacy by becoming a Harbour Dealer.


Distributor & Dealer Network

As we continue to broaden our global presence, we are actively seeking to expand our dealer partnerships. If you are interested in collaborating with our Sales Team, please let us know.


Shannon Del Vecchio: Vice President, Whole Sales 

+1 607.228.0259 | shannon@shopharbour.com 


Innovative Design

We design and manufacture high-end furniture, combining the finest raw materials and components to create products of exceptional quality.

All design and manufacturing processes are kept in-house, affording unparalleled attention to detail and craftsmanship that sets us apart in the market. Moreover, this approach allows us to swiftly bring designs to the market.

Committed to sustainability and ethical responsibility, Harbour takes pride in producing flawless products while implementing practices and principles that complement the natural environment.

We're an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)

As leaders in innovative design and manufacturing, Harbour enjoys a competitive advantage as an ODM factory (Original Design Manufacturer) - a distinction that sets us apart from most brands utilizing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) factories.

Harbour owns and operates specialist facilities, significantly enhancing our control over furniture production quality.

Being custom manufacturers, Harbour can design, manufacture, and deliver custom bespoke collections and pieces with remarkable speed, outpacing our competitors.

Dedicated Dealer Support

Our team leverages decades of experience to provide dedicated support to our dealer and wholesale partners.

We offer delivery logistics within the USA and internationally, capitalizing on long-standing relationships with global freight partners to optimize delivery routes and extend competitive rates directly to our partners.

Equipped with a global supply chain and dedicated logistics team, we are fully capable of scaling for higher volume projects.

Quick Ship Program

Harbour can manufacture custom orders within 90 days, and we maintain a quick ship program for our core designs, enabling express deliveries to our dealers.

Our mixed container program comes with no MOQ on single unit items for full container orders, granting greater flexibility to our partners.

Highly Competitive Pricing

We offer lower selling prices and greater retail margin opportunities, reinforcing our commitment to nurturing successful partnerships.

A Culture of craftsmanship

Since 1976, the Condos family has been devoted to handcrafting luxury furniture. The intricate details of metalwork and craftsmanship have been carefully passed down from their father, Jim Condos, to the next generation. Harrison and Nicholas' passion for design inspired them to grow their father’s company into Harbour.

“Our father taught us everything we know in the art of metal craftsmanship and construction of furniture, and it was through our upbringing that we developed a real passion for design and architecture that inspired us to create Harbour.” - Harrison Condos

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Our Australian identity inspires the simplicity of our design, the durability of our product and our commitment to sustainability. 

Our family heritage is a culture of craftsmanship. We are driven by our passion for design and dedicated to the perfection of our art — the art of togetherness.

We’re leaders in the world of design who believe timeless designs — inspired by the world around us and handcrafted by passionate craftsmen — can bring people together and elevate their experiences.

We aspire to have a positive impact on the world.

Because we believe that humanity is at its best when people come together.

Harbour is a Lifestyle Brand

At Harbour, we embrace the essence of the Australian way of life, celebrating outdoor living, travel, nature, modern design, and life on the harbor through every collection. Our signature aesthetic is characterized by freshness, lightness, modernity, coastal charm, and luxurious inspiration—an evolution of generations of Australian design. Our customers are not only drawn to our style but also to our captivating story, which encapsulates an authentic Australian narrative of our family's history and craftsmanship.

We invite you to share in this legacy.