Our story

The name Condos has always been synonymous with the word blacksmith. Since 1976, the Condos family has handcrafted furniture in their Sydney workshop. The intricate details of metalwork and craftsmanship were carefully passed down from their father Jim Condos to the next generation.

Harrison and Nicholas’ passion for design inspired them to grow their father’s company into Harbour. Every piece is built to withstand a variety of climates and made with beautiful but durable materials like powder-coated aluminum, sustainably sourced teak and luxury performance upholstery.

We invite you to share in this legacy, and take a step outside to enjoy the great outdoors with us.




HARBOUR Outdoor Collections

A culture of craftsmanship

Harbour’s history of craftsmanship originates from Harrison & Nicholas father, Jim Condos – a master blacksmith from the age of 14 who immigrated to Australia at 16 and started the family business in 1976.

“Our father taught us everything we know in the art of metal craftsmanship and construction of furniture, and it was through our upbringing that we developed a real passion for design and architecture that inspired us to create Harbour.” 

- Harrison Condos

What guides us

Our Australian identity inspires the simplicity of our design, the durability of our product and our commitment to sustainability. 

Our family heritage is a culture of craftsmanship. We are driven by our passion for design and dedicated to the perfection of our art — the art of togetherness.

We’re leaders in the world of design who believe timeless designs — inspired by the world around us and handcrafted by passionate craftsmen — can bring people together and elevate their experiences.

We aspire to have a positive impact on the world.

Because we believe that humanity is at its best when people come together.

Harbour is a lifestyle brand

We’re steeped in a culture that promotes the Australian way of life: our love of the outdoors, travel, nature, modern design and life on the harbour of course, all expressed through each and every collection. Our signature aesthetic is fresh, light, modern, coastal and luxe-inspired – an evolution of generations of Australian design. Our customers are attracted to our story as much as our style, an underlying Australian story of our own family history and craftsmanship.