California Coastal Living: Christina Hall's Newport Beach Home

Nestled along the serene coastline of Newport Beach, California, lies a haven of refined design—the home of Christina Hall. A distinguished designer and real estate investor, gracing both screens and spaces with her innate sense of style.

With a vision to seamlessly blend the raw beauty of nature with contemporary sophistication, Christina embarked on a journey to create a modern space that exudes an "organic" allure, and her choice Harbour furniture pieces were the catalyst for turning this dream into a reality.

"We wanted to soften the home with a lot of natural wood tones, and Harbour had the perfect furniture selection to help us achieve that 'organic' look," Christina shared.

Stepping into the heart of Christina's home, one is immediately captivated by the mesmerizing light feature of the Medusa Chandelier that graces the dining room. "This light feature is one of my favorite additions," Christina stated. "I've always been drawn to the enchanting ambiance of Bali, and this light captures that essence flawlessly. It truly sets the tone for the entire living space."

Beyond the doors lies Christina's lush garden, a sanctuary of manicured lawns and an inviting infinity pool, adorned with an outdoor lounge area that showcases the Victoria Teak 3 Seat Sofa and Victoria Teak Stone Coffee Table combo.

The crown jewel of the house is undoubtedly the backyard, nestled within the U-shaped embrace of the design. Here, the MLB Teak Lounge Chairs take center stage, showcasing the interplay of contrast with the Copacabana Midnight and  Copacabana Sand fabric variations on opposite sides of the pool. These chairs are a modern interpretation of indoor sling chairs, featuring an Olefin sling on a meticulously crafted Indonesian teak frame, complete with a polycloth liner for enduring support.

The dining space, designed with entertaining in mind, further reinforces the indoor-outdoor concept. The Hayman Teak Dining Table and the accompanying Hayman Teak Dining Chairs embody the essence of organic style.

The Hayman Teak Dining Table, with its spacious rectangular surface and slatted solid teak construction, serves as the perfect canvas for large gatherings. The Hayman Dining Chair, with its sleek teak frame and Batyline sling suspension, is a testament to the fusion of modern comfort and outdoor durability.

Every corner of this home speaks of a thoughtful journey that blends elegance and comfort, redefining the concept of coastal living.

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