MacArthur Place

MacArthur Place in Sonoma, founded over a hundred years ago, has gone through a major transition into a stunning luxury hotel and spa. As a key part of that transformation, the Harbour team were engaged to create a bespoke range of luxury indoor furniture that inspires relaxation and ensures maximum comfort for their discerning guests. The design challenge was to create a harmony between the properties historic feel and luxurious modern design..

The historic buildings and vast gardens make for a truly unique experience where guests can indulge in fine experiences in a modern country setting. A one of a kind escape into a serene resort that will immediately transport you into a different world. With over seven acres of beauty to explore, guests can take advantage of hidden gardens with winding paths and fire pits, or admire the architecture of the historic buildings full of archways and cozy places to sit and relax. The MacArthur also provides plenty of activities to fill the days including afternoon tastings, stargazing and spa treatments.

With a bar and lounge, restaurant and a provision shop guests have a variety of options to sit and eat or drink. Stop by the hotel bar for a high-quality American cocktail and enjoy the art deco lounge feel with dark wood finishes and custom-crafted furniture. The Porch, a coffee bar and market place is the perfect place to go for your morning coffee and pastries or cool off on hot summer afternoons with an ice cream. Or if you’re looking for a full meal, Layla’s Restaurant provides healthy organic meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Relax at the spa with one of the dozens of massage, facial and body treatments. Set in the heart of the MacArthur Place gardens, the spa has a lounge, locker rooms, steam rooms, and The Garden Shop. The many different treatments include many of the fruits, flowers, and herbs that are grown on site in the gardens, creating a real connection with the surrounding environment.

From the food to the locally sourced spa treatments, it is clear that the MacArthur Place is connected to its natural surrounding environment. This is all tied together with the expertly designed interior that integrates the country location with luxury and style. Many of the indoor furnishings were commissioned by Harbour Outdoor, a company with a focus on sustainable durability for any climate while keeping an upscale look and design. Harbour furniture is inspired by the Australian coast and the inspiration from nature can be seen in many of their handcrafted pieces. These pieces compliment the MacArthur place decor with their unique modern designs.

The use of Harbour’s bespoke furniture is a welcome addition to the transformation that the property has undergone. MacArthur Place is the perfect place to escape for a few days and enjoy a luxurious country setting. The variety of activities available, the one-of-a-kind spa, the amazing food and the stunning decor create an ambience that is truly unique. From the time you arrive to the moment you leave, there’s a sense of peace that will make the stresses of everyday life disappear.

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