Elephante Restaurant

Elephante Restaurant is making it’s mark in the sky. With summer fast approaching, everyone is looking for the perfect beach or rooftop bar to spend their days enjoying the California sun. The Elephante Rooftop Beach House provides the perfect open-air sky-high setting to enjoy spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. There’s much to appreciate with a menu and cocktails inspired by Italian flavors, where everything, from the food to the decor, has coastal Italian influences. You’ll immediately be transported to a Mediterranean Oasis at this alfresco style lounge and restaurant.Restaurateur, Nick Mathers, who has already had many successful restaurant ventures with Eveleigh, Goldie’s and Little Ruby, surrounds guests with natural materials such as natural wood, copper and stone furniture adding an organic feel to the setting. The decor is expertly tied together with the use of Harbour’s outdoor furniture, such as the Pacific Folding Chair, which boasts natural A-Grade Indonesian Teak. This complements the various hand-woven Northern African and Balinese accents that are dispersed throughout. The mix of different natural materials has created a beautiful harmony between the beachy setting while keeping a chic and trendy feel.

The Noosa backless barstool is a tasteful addition to the space with a simple and elegant shape that blends well with its surrounding decor. A subtle yet integral accompaniment to the bars setting where people can come to socialize and gather for any event. The Elephante is a versatile space where you may come for a relaxed drink and end up staying for dinner or late night cocktails. With plenty of different spaces to lounge and enjoy the ocean breeze, the Noosa dining chairs accommodate for long afternoons sipping on a cold beverage or eating a decadent meal. There’s much to choose from on the vibrant seasonal menu or if you’re not feeling hungry, go for a refreshing cocktail.

Elephante Restaurant makes use of Noosa dining chairs to keep the theme of natural teak. The tilted-back on these chairs provides for additional comfort, allowing you t0 lean back and relax. Harbour Outdoors use of sustainable and handcrafted materials that are built to be durable and last any climate, highlights Mathers own use of natural and handcrafted items in his rooftop bar.

This Italian inspired rooftop hangout is the perfect place to spend your summer days and nights. With its natural beachy ambience and great food and drink selection, The Elephante team have created a space where people can get away from the chaos and lounge for a peaceful moment, enjoying good food, drinks and views.

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