This simple and streamlined table collection is also customizable by finish, size and material. Our Vienna bistro collection was designed specifically for contract and hospitality settings, but doubles as a great table for any space with a smaller dining area.

Featured Materials


Crafted from high-quality extruded aluminum – available in Taupe finish – with a superior quality European powder coating sourced from AkzoNobel® for weather resistance. Our Aluminum furniture is resistant to corrosion and rusting while still being light, strong and easy to clean.


Crafted from sustainably sourced solid Grade A Indonesian teak available in Natural finishes. Our Natural Teak finish is untreated teak, highlighting the beauty of the premium grade logs we source for our production.


Laminam is a versatile material perfectly suited for the outdoors. Man–made to look like stone, the ceramic is highly–resistant to scratching and abrasion, making it a low–maintenance but high–style choice for your tables. Designed and produced in Italy, Laminam has been an expert on producing the finest and largest slabs of ceramic, suitable for furniture, architecture and a variety of uses.

Compact Laminate

HPCL, or High-Pressure Compact Laminate,is a versatileand extremely functional material used on outdoor tables. Considered to be one of the most durable decorative surface materials, HPCL is resistant to wear, weather, and a variety of chemicals, making it perfect for Outdoor and Contract use.

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