Sculptural curves and right angles come together to create simplicity of proportion, scale and balance. Our take on the mid-century aesthetic, this collection bringsharmony to a variety of spaces.

Victoria Dining Chair - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - VICT-01A-ALAST-PANGRA
On sale

Victoria Dining Chair

FROM $895.00  $581.00 / club $493.85
Victoria Lounge Chair - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - VICT-08A-ALAST-PANGRA
On sale

Victoria Lounge Chair

FROM $2,250.00  $1,799.00 / club $1,529.15
Victoria 2 Seat Sofa - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - VICT-06A-ALAST-PANGRA
On sale

Victoria 2 Seat Sofa

FROM $4,495.00  $3,595.00 / club $3,055.75
Victoria 3 Seat Sofa - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - VICT-05A-ALAST-PANGRA
On sale

Victoria 3 Seat Sofa

FROM $5,450.00  $3,814.00 / club $3,241.90
Victoria Sun Lounge - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - VICT-04A-ALAST-BASIL
On sale

Victoria Sun Lounge

FROM $2,250.00  $1,574.00 / club $1,337.90
Victoria Coffee Table - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - VICT-10A-ALAST-TRGRE
On sale

Victoria Coffee Table

FROM $3,250.00  $2,446.00 / club $2,079.10
Victoria Bar Stool - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - VICT-02C-ALAST-PANGRA
On sale

Victoria Bar Stool

FROM $1,250.00  $999.00 / club $849.15
Victoria Slatted Round Dining Table 48" - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - VICT-03H-ALAST-ALAST
On sale
Victoria Stone Round Dining Table 60" - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - VICT-03I-ALAST-TRGRE
On sale
Victoria Slatted Dining Table 108" - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - VICT-03C-ALAST-ALAST
On sale
Victoria Stone Dining Table 81" - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - VICT-03B-ALAST-TRGRE
On sale

Victoria Stone Dining Table 81"

FROM $5,250.00  $3,674.00 / club $3,122.90
Victoria Slatted Dining Table 81" - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - VICT-03B-ALAST-ALAST
On sale
Victoria Stone Round Dining Table 48" - Harbour - Harbour - VICT-03H-ALAST-TRGRE
On sale

The Collection

This collection features an assortment of handcrafted seating, sun lounges, dining and occasional tables to complete your outdoor space.

Featured Materials


Crafted from high-quality extruded aluminum – available in Asteroid finish – with a superior quality European powder coating sourced from AkzoNobel® for weather resistance. Our Aluminum furniture is resistant to corrosion and rusting while still being light, strong and easy to clean. Asteroid is our dark grey finish – a contemporary staple to our product line and versatile to many styles.

Performance Cushions

Enjoy plush cushions that are resistant to sun, moisture, mildew, staining and supported by a slatted suspension for added comfort. Our quick dry flow-through foam seat cushions also feature a Dacron wrap for sink-in comfort.


A range of stocked fabrics are available.

Cast – available in Silver and Slate – Our Cast range features a heathered appearance that creates a sense of texture and dimension while still being flat and lightweight.

Lisos - Milled in Spain as part of the Agora line, our Lisos range is made of 100% solution dyed acrylic yarn that is resistant to sun, moisture, mildew and staining.

Panama - Our Panama range – available in Blanco, Grafito and Marble – is a flat yet consistent square weave that is lightweight but impressive in hand and able to take on the outdoor elements with ease.

The sun lounges feature top-of-the-line Batyline mesh slings – available in Silver – sourced and manufactured in Europe by Serge Ferrari. This incredibly strong PVC-coated material enables airy and supportive reclining and is resistant to stretching and tearing while being easy to clean.

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