Inspired by the simplicity of Australia’s island architecture. A perennial favorite featuring sink-inseating and slatted tables with modern styling.

Hayman Swivel Lounge Chair - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - HAYM-08F-ALAST-BASIL-AGOGRA
On sale

Hayman Swivel Lounge Chair

FROM $3,095.00  $1,854.00 / club $1,575.90
Hayman Lounge Chair - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - HAYM-08A-ALAST-BASIL-AGOGRA
On sale

Hayman Lounge Chair

FROM $2,650.00  $1,589.00 / club $1,350.65
Hayman Sun Lounge - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - HAYM-04A-ALAST-BASIL-AGOGRA
On sale

Hayman Sun Lounge

FROM $2,395.00  $1,674.00 / club $1,422.90
Hayman Armless Single - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - HAYM-08D-ALAST-BASIL-AGOGRA
On sale

Hayman Armless Single

FROM $2,250.00  $1,574.00 / club $1,337.90
Hayman Corner - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - HAYM-08C-ALAST-BASIL-AGOGRA
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Hayman Corner

FROM $2,850.00  $1,994.00 / club $1,694.90
Hayman Curtain Cabana - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - HAYM-07D-ALAST-BASIL-AGOGRA
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Hayman Curtain Cabana

FROM $12,995.00  $8,449.00 / club $7,181.65
Hayman Chaise Right - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - HAYM-07BR-ALAST-BASIL-AGOGRA
On sale

Hayman Chaise Right

FROM $3,995.00  $1,999.00 / club $1,699.15
Hayman Chaise Left - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - HAYM-07BL-ALAST-BASIL-AGOGRA
On sale

Hayman Chaise Left

FROM $3,995.00  $2,394.00 / club $2,034.90
Hayman 2 Seat 1 Arm Left - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - HAYM-06CL-ALAST-BASIL-AGOGRA
On sale

Hayman 2 Seat 1 Arm Left

FROM $3,750.00  $2,624.00 / club $2,230.40
Hayman Mesh Sun Lounge - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - HAYM-04E-ALAST-BASIL
On sale

Hayman Mesh Sun Lounge

$1,795.00  $1,199.00 / club $1,019.15
Hayman Dining Table 106" - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - HAYM-03C-ALAST
On sale

Hayman Dining Table 106"

FROM $3,695.00  $2,586.00 / club $2,198.10
Hayman Armless Bar Stool - Harbour - ShopHarbourOutdoor - HAYM-02F-ALAST-BASIL
On sale

Hayman Armless Bar Stool

FROM $695.00  $484.00 / club $411.40

The Collection

This collection features an assortment of handcrafted sectional seating, stools, sun lounges and cabanas along with dining and occasional tables to complete your outdoor space.

Featured Materials


Crafted from high-quality extruded aluminum – available in Asteroid and White finish – with a superior quality European powder coating sourced from AkzoNobel® for weather resistance. Our Aluminum furniture is resistant to corrosion and rusting while still being light, strong and
easy to clean. Asteroid is our dark grey finish – a contemporary staple to our product line and versatile to many styles. Aluminum White is a warm and bright white, adding a contemporary and clean appearance to our metal furniture.

Performance Cushions

Sink into ultimate relaxation with deep cushions that are resistant to sun, moisture, mildew, staining and supported by a Batyline sling suspension for added comfort. Our quick dry flow-through foam seat cushions also feature a Dacron wrap for sink-in comfort.


Cast – available in Silver and Slate – Our Cast range features a heathered appearance that creates a sense of texture and dimension while still being flat and lightweight.

Lisos - Milled in Spain as part of the Agora line, our Lisos range is made of 100% solution dyed acrylic yarn that is resistant to sun, moisture, mildew and staining.

Panama - Our Panama range – available in Blanco, Grafito and Marble – is a flat yet consistent square weave that is lightweight but impressive in hand and able to take on the outdoor elements with ease.

The sun lounges and seating feature top-of-the-line Batyline mesh slings sourced and manufactured in Europe by Serge Ferrari. This incredibly strong PVC-coated material enables airy and supportive reclining and is resistant to stretching and tearing while being easy to clean.

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