How To Upgrade Your Backyard: Patio Ideas

Looking to update your patio to create a welcoming atmosphere? It doesn’t take much to add a touch of elegance to your backyard patio. The perfect place for friends and family to come together with food and drinks and enjoy the fresh air. From lounging in the sun on the Ora Sunlounge, to the perfect backyard dining table, here are some ideas to upgrade your patio for that luxurious feel.


To give your backyard patio a finished look, pavers are a great way to achieve this. This tile system is a simple way to spruce up any patio, making sure that the ground is level, just place them on top of your current patio ground. These are a non expensive way to make your patio look professionally done and are easy to repair and replace. Coming in all different shapes sizes and colors, it makes customizing the look of your patio easy. From clay to stone, you can go for a more durable look with clay or a polished and refined look with stone. 

Plants and Landscaping

Nothing is more welcoming than a patio full of lush plants and beautiful landscaping. Why not go all out and add planters to house your different plants and trees to add a decorative and elegant touch. Harbour has a variety of outdoor planters to choose from in different shapes, sizes and materials. Go for a clean cut look and try the Harbour Aluminum Planter. This simple and sophisticated planter is the perfect way to showcase plants, herbs or vegetables. For a more natural look, try the Harbour Teak Planter. Choose from large, extra large and tall to fit whatever foliage you wish to display perfectly. 


he most important part of a great backyard patio design is the furniture. You can get creative with how you mix and match, add rugs, umbrellas and different combinations of chairs and sofas. Shop by collection or choose to mix and match and create your own unique style. The possibilities are endless with Harbour Outdoor furniture. 

Start off with one of Harbour Outdoors many of rugs, the Cottlesole Outdoor Rug is handmade from all natural fibers making it durable yet beautiful. 

Create a relaxing atmosphere with a few MLB Sun Lounges or get cozy with the deep seated Barcelona Armchair. Keep things natural with coffee and side tables such as the MLB Root Coffee Table, designed to be an eye catching statement of modern luxury. 

From arm chairs to sofas, Harbour has it all, MLB, Noosa and Hayman Teak are just a few of the luxurious collections Harbour Outdoor provides. 


The key to creating the perfect atmosphere lies in the lighting. Having the right lighting for your backyard patio is essential for socializing outside on warm nights and creating the right ambiance for gatherings. Harbour has options to create the perfect tied together look for your outdoor setting. Choose from the Captiva Lanterns, in 32, 11.5 or 21 inches, in a traditional Mogador style, these lanterns are an elegant addition to any patio to add that finishing touch. 

Other options include the Harbour Teak Lantern to add a warm, modern style to your patio. Made from solid A grade Indonesian teak, this lantern can last through rain and shine, the perfect outdoor lighting solution.

Fire & Heat

Harbour Outdoor Teak Ribbed Fire Table with Marble Top

The newest trend in outdoor design are fire pits and fire tables. The perfect way to get people together for those chilly summer nights, sitting around a cozy fire. It’s a great addition to your patio to add a bit of warmth. 

Enjoy a variety of different fire tables by Harbour Outdoor each with a unique style to fit any patio design. Not only are these table a perfect combination of practicality and design but they are also eco friendly, running on a bioethanol fuel system. The Harbour Marble Fire Table is the perfect elegant addition, low-lying with the base created from solid aluminum, the surface a luxurious marble and a stainless steel fire pit. Or go with a natural look with the Harbour Teak Ribbed Base Fire Table with a Marble top. 

With the right design, a patio can be the perfect setting for cozy gatherings or family dinners. Get creative with your ideas or try something bold. If you’re lacking inspiration just search Harbour Outdoor for some truly eye-catching pieces.