A Mother’s Love: A Harbour Mom Picks Her Family-Friendly Favorites

In honor of Mother’s Day on May 14, we’re celebrating moms and all the ways they love their families every day. We asked Katharine Garrison Filly, our Vice President of Product Development and mom-of-two extraordinaire, to share her top eight Harbour designs she loves — and how they help bring her family together.

1. Mason Fire Tables with Tulum Chairs

As a little girl, I can recall one of my core memories was sitting around a beach bonfire with our very large family of storytellers, making s’mores and feeling this bigger sense of connection to the world but also to them. Bringing together my own growing family and recreating this space for connection and togetherness over a beautiful fire is a fairytale in real life. Plus I have performance fabrics to thank for not being worried if my 2-year-old drops her gooey chocolatey mess on my cushions because I know it’ll clean right up and look great.  

2. Collins Daybed

If you’ve got the space, the daybed is the ultimate luxury piece of furniture. As a working mom of 2 toddlers, this one’s a favorite because when the rare opportunity arises for me to relax, I want MAXIMUM RELAXATION — aka Max Relax. I want to bliss out in a zen place with all my self-care things (usually a Sancerre, music and a nap). The daybed gets A LOT of use at my house because it comfortably fits my whole family. We love snuggling up and reading stories together on a nice evening.

3. Hayman Teak Swivel Chairs

We decided to grow our family in the town we grew up in, which means we have company over often and love hosting. I have two Hayman Teak Swivel Chairs paired with my Hayman Teak 3 Seat Sofa around my Breeze Teak Rectangle Coffee Table and everyone fights to sit in the swivel chairs. They’re my top pick for a killer form/function combo. I love how they open up the space and ease the flow of conversation.

4. Breeze Teak Rectangle Coffee Table

On days or nights when the weather’s nice, we LOVE dining outside. More often than not, we’re after a more casual experience. I love serving tacos to the kids at the “kids table” aka the Breeze Teak Rectangle Coffee Table. Dad and I sit comfortably back on the Hayman Teak 3 Seat Sofa and the coffee table height is perfect for the kids to pull up a stool and eat. Plus we’re all about the easy clean up with the teak.

5. Pacific Extension Table

Last year we hosted our first Thanksgiving — and the late California summer allowed us to host it outdoors! The Pacific Extension Table was our centerpiece which had space for 12 of us to sit together. When we’re not hosting large gatherings for sit-down dinners, I easily fold up the extension leaves to suit our everyday needs. I have the Elongated Vase wooden runner that I put down the center and everyone that comes over asks me where I got it [*blushes*].

6. Pacific Folding Dining Chairs

I love my Pacific Folding Dining Chairs. I can get 12 to sit with the Pacific Extension Table when it’s extended. The chairs make great additional seating everywhere — even inside. I love how they fold up for storage and are super easy to wash and clean. I’ve had mine for two years now and dig how  low maintenance they are. I just grab a hose and wipe down. Good as new!

7. Weather Covers

Harbour’s outdoor furniture is an investment reflected in the quality, materials, craftsmanship and design of each piece. If you take care of your furniture with regular maintenance, it will last — in some cases a lifetime. As a city dweller for the past decade who recently moved to the countryside, I’m learning quickly how important it is to protect your outdoor investments. Always get the weather cover!

8. Teak Stumps / Side Tables

These are my plug and play. I love how they mix easily with my Hayman Teak Swivel Chairs. We use it as additional seating and they tie the different Harbour collections together seamlessly. I like that they’ll never go out of style and will only get cooler-looking with time.  

We believe great design brings people together — and we hope Katharine’s given you some new ideas for what would be perfect for your family.

Happy early Mother’s Day to Katharine and all the fantastic moms out there!